Our Story

types of fabricThe story of the company “Atlantis Curtains” takes its origins much earlier than it may seem at the first glance. In the blessed and majestic lands of the Caucasus (Southern Russia) from the old centuries lived our ancestors Circassians (Sherkess). Like many other ancient people, Circassians developed and perfected many crafts, one of which is the art of sewing.

My case is no exception, I am a seamstress in the 3rd generation. However, I decided to move the art of sewing to a different direction from sewing clothes to sewing curtains, which I call “decoration of windows”. There is a beautiful saying: “the window is a portrait, the curtains are the frame, and the sheer is the painting”. Thus, one cannot exist without the other and make complete picture, so to speak.

Sicssors cutting fabric topdownMy story begins from 1994, when our family just finished building the new house and we engaged in its arrangement. I was eager to decorate our windows with a high-quality designed curtains, something original and exquisite. After many days of searching, I found that there is not one in the market that would correspond to my vision and aspirations. Therefore, I started looking for fabrics and sewed curtains by myself. It turned out that many people shared with me the idea of “beautiful” and after a while, I started sewing at home. This continued until 2000, when we decided to open a showroom.

That very year, we began buying fabrics abroad for the first time, particularly, in Turkey. Developing in this direction and visiting many exhibitions, I continued working until 2006. I can say that throughout all these years not only we have developed, but also the concept of “beautiful” has evolved. The market demanded more and more sophisticated, refined and high-quality solutions.

Therefore, we decided to take our business to a new level and discovered the markets of Europe. Since 2006, most of our product range was from Italy, France and Germany. This continued until 2008-2010 when we realized that we are the market leaders in the region.

At the time, new design ideas and visions had been arousing my mind and I decided to do the unheard of. It was very bold and unusual, but I offered my design ideas to the production factories in Europe. To my great surprise, many of the options I proposed were approved and they began sewing fabrics with new designs.

As I mentioned earlier, our approach to this business requires something more than just a pursuit of profit. Appropriate design of the windows is an inalienable part of cozy and comfortable home atmosphere. It is a kind of boundary between the family, the house and the outside world. A person who has been at work all day needs something that will give him new energy, will please his eye and improve his mood. This is our ultimate goal and result of our work.

Sewing curtains to orderToday I share my experience and knowledge to the next generation. My daughter has been living in Dubai for several years and we decided to expand our business in the United Arab Emirates. Thus the art of sewing is expanding the borders and will be developing for the benefit of the Middle East.

This is especially true for us, as Dubai is not only the place where the best architectural solutions have come together and the most ambitious projects are being accomplished, but also a city in which there is a very high rhythm of life that requires transformation of homes into such islands of harmony and comfort. We are sure that Arab Emirates, its citizens and residents are those who, like nobody else, will share our vision.
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