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Made-To-Measure curtains for your home

Curtains for the nursery should be given a special priority when decorating a room where a child will sleep, play, study, and amuse his or her leisure. The drapes should match the overall style of a room and also be designed considering the kid’s gender, age and interests.

Best curtains for your kids rooms in Dubai

Caring parents are scrupulous about the design of their children’s rooms rather than about the design of other premises at the apartment — they tend to create a truly magical world where a child will spend the vast majority of his or her time. Besides, many psychologists assume that the bedroom environment influences the baby’s psyche formation and his talents development. That is why it is so important to consider all possible details, such as choosing colors for the wallpapers, comfortable flooring, furniture, and window decoration in a kid’s room.

The curtains for the nursery should perform the following functions:

  • decorate the interior, giving the room a finished look;
  • create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere;
  • do not let the light through but diffuse it;
  • block the sunlight when a child has a nap;
  • hide the room from the prying eyes.

You can buy the kids room curtains at Atlantis Curtains by placing an order for tailoring customized drapes. Our designers will help you select the appropriate type of material and pattern, as well as create a detailed sketch taking into account the type of curtains and their fastening.

Curtains for your kid’s room: make it a wonderland

A kid’s bedroom is like his own little universe. To make this world beautiful, it is important to think through every little detail in the room design and select the right materials, colors, and shades.European service

We advise that parents choose the children’s bedroom curtains especially carefully. It is desirable that the colors are pleasant, warm and moderately juicy, but not too bright and aggressive. After all, the nursery is a room of light, joy, and positive mindset.

Light tightness is the most principal fabric feature when it comes to relaxing or sleeping. Healthy heavy sleep is especially significant for children of any age. The opportunity to adjust the room lighting is of great importance in this case. Blackout curtains are capable of creating a comfortable and dark atmosphere at any time of the day. Even if the sun shines brightly, such curtains do not let the light into the room. Why is this possible? An ordinary fabric, even the densest one, allows you to create semi darkness in the room, while the blackout material consists of three layers and has a special coating — this is its specific characteristic.

To contribute to the room’s harmonious interior and help your child feel comfortable, make sure to make the right choice of curtains. The drapes should:

  • match the bedroom’s style;
  • both provide good illumination and protect from the sunlight when it is necessary;
  • be made of safe materials;
  • gladden the eye.

If you are looking for high quality and beautiful curtains for your younger or older children, Atlantis Curtains professionals will be glad to offer traditional or non-standard solutions that will meet your requirements. Just check it out — we have enough options for you to buy kids room curtains to fit every taste!

If you are willing to buy the best curtains in Dubai, please contact us and we will help you find the most suitable option!

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