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What are pencil pleat curtains?

To drape the curtains, designers usually use a special curtain heading, which is a lengthwise white or transparent ribbon of various widths that serves as a frame. Adjusting the tension of the cords placed inside the tape allows you to create folds of any density and shape. The ribbon is sewn or glued to the back side of the curtain’s top. In the center, the heading has a seal with ready-made loops for hanging the item on hooks.

Identical pencil-like folds on the tape are known as pencil pleat. With this type of ribbon, the curtain is hung on the rod in a straightened position, after which designers begin to create uniform folds along the entire width of canvas, taking into account the gaps between the hooks. This tape has no transverse bridges, so it can be pulled together arbitrarily. The optimal tape build ratio for pencil pleat curtains is 2.5-3. Its width is approximately 7.5 cm.

Made to measure pencil pleat curtains

With all the variety, pencil folds remain the most popular type of curtain heading design. Thanks to the design of pencil pleats, the loops always lie tightly together. Such heading helps to create a simple and attractive window dressing. This curtain tape with uniform pleats is often used for draping the curtains made of light fabrics.

In order to create nice pencil folds, we prefer to use a wide ribbon. In this case, the curtain must be 2.5 times the width of the curtain rod — then the folds will be narrow and long. They look especially good on long canvas.

Please, feel free to contact our managers to discuss the best matching color and material of pencil pleat curtains for your home. We stock a wide variety of curtain designs to impress you!

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