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The use of natural materials for home decoration has always been the preferred option due to their ecological properties, durability and reliability. Natural materials in the interior give a sense of harmony and tranquility, and in big cities we often lack nature and something real.

When designing a room, it is always necessary to take into account specific issues. When it comes to window treatment, apart from the curtains we suggest considering stylish and practical wooden blinds Dubai. They do not only excellently protect the premises from the sunlight and summer heat, which is especially important in the hot climate, but also add a touch of luxury, comfort and nobility to the interior.

Wooden blinds to order Dubai

Why to Choose Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds were introduced back in the 18th century. Such sunscreen coverings have been popular for more than two centuries due to the following advantages:

  • Excellent aesthetic appearance. Wooden slats add coziness, sophistication and nobility to the room. This timeless window piece fits in any interior.
  • Ecological cleanliness. The materials are safe for health, they do not emit toxic elements even when heated.
  • Reliable protection. Due to their good insulating properties, the room will remain cool on hot summer days. In addition, by changing the slats’ position you can control the visibility, so the strangers will not see what’s happening inside the room.
  • Ease of care. The surface almost doesn’t get dirty. It is enough to wipe the slats from time to time to make them look tidy.
  • Durability. Wood does not warp, retaining its shape for years. A special coating protects the surface from moisture and sunlight. Occasional polishing will further increase the performance of the models.
  • Possibility to choose an appropriate color of slats to match the home interior.

If you prefer quality, aesthetic appeal and durability, these sun protection coverings will be the perfect choice for your home.

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Types of Wooden Blinds

Of all options for residential use, horizontal wooden blinds, known as Venetian blinds, are best suited. The slats are located horizontally and are fastened together with cords and a nylon ladder coming out of the cornice, where the control mechanism is located. Fabric ladder is preferred as it provides a more elegant look to the covers. The advantage of Venetian blinds is that they can be fitted directly to the window which significantly saves the space.

Vertical wooden blinds are a novelty. This type of window screen is made from wide slats attached to the cornice with special holders. At the bottom the slats are fastened together with a special chain. Vertical blinds give the room a special charm and look best in the interior of spacious living rooms.

Roller wooden blinds. This light and elegant option looks good in many interiors and can be stylishly combined with various drapes. The unit consists of a roller-cylinder, on which a roll of wicker wood or pressed bamboo is taken up, and has a raising mechanism with a lock. When needed, such blinds can be easily dropped down or assembled into a roll.

Wooden blinds for home Dubai

Wooden blinds are always a functional supplement and elegant interior decoration in the house — they perfectly combine aesthetics, convenience, and ease of use, practicality and durability. Wooden blinds Dubai can become both the main accent in the room interior and the original detail in its appearance, while partially or fully blocking the sun and obscuring the views from outside.

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