Why Go for Curtains on Windows in Dubai?

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Curtains are very important for interior decoration — they give your home a finished look and make it more comfortable. Apart from aesthetic function, window drapes also have practical benefits. They prevent dust from getting in your premises, absorb outside noise and block streetlight, sunlight and moonlight in the room.

Picking up the right window décor is not as easy as pie. Continue reading this article and find some guidance to help you make the right choice.Sheer Curtains

Benefits of Using Bedroom Curtains Dubai

If you wonder why bedroom curtains in Dubai should be your first priority, have a look at the answers below.  This list of curtain features will help you clearly decide which window treatment option is worth going for.

  • Window curtains prevent light penetration.
  • They perform thermoregulation and maintain the temperature regime.
  • The drapes perform sound insulation functions: they protect against the penetration of unwanted sounds.
  • Made of high-quality modern materials, curtains do not fade in the Arabic sun and retain their color for a long time.
  • Do not absorb odors and are dust-resistant.
  • Keep their shape and do not shrink after washing.
  • Do not get creased.
  • Have an aesthetic appearance.
  • Wide choice of nice-looking, dense and durable fabrics.
  • Pleasant to the touch and easily draped, creating smooth folds.
  • Does not cause allergies and skin irritation.

With the help of bedroom curtains you can ensure a restful sleep for your beloved ones — nothing will prevent them from having the sweetest dreams.Bedroom Curtains

5 Tips on Choosing Curtains for Your Home

There are some design tips for choosing window treatment which we are going to share with you:

  • Place the curtain rod as high as possible to visually enlarge the room.
  • The cornice should be longer than the window so that opened curtains will let the maximum light.
  • The portiere’s width depends on the density and texture of the fabric: the curtains should be about twice as wide as the window so they will drape beautifully.
  • Select color and material carefully: warm shades make the room cozier, and cool ones add airiness.
  • Correct length is the key to success. Commonly the curtains are hung so that they graze (cut-off curtains) or slightly fan out on the floor (puddle style).

To pick the right drapes for your home in Dubai, consider the room’s size and type, chosen interior style and the primary colors in premises.

Bear in mind that these tricks do not always work. Every apartment is unique and requires an individual approach. Seek advice from the Atlantis Curtains qualified consultants to take into account your preferences and layout of rooms.