Large Window Curtain Ideas

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Interior space with large window openings requires a comprehensive approach. Window treatment is due in no small part to the overall look of a room, so the curtain design should be paid special attention in order to add some zest to the interior.

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Peculiarities of Large Window Decoration

Curtains for large windows should fit in the overall style of premises. When choosing the drapes, allow for sunlight control concerning the climate and weather conditions in UAE. Deciding on fabrics, take into account the architectural component of the living area.

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Long curtains help to make a room look bigger. The canvas size must correspond to the ceiling height.

Location of windows also affects the color scheme. Bright and rich colors perfectly complement the sunny side — they create a joyful atmosphere filling inhabitants with a positive energy. The variegated colors should match the color scheme of the interior area. In monochrome designs, deep color curtains will be the main emphasis.

Give preference to a warm palette and decorative materials for the large window dressing that face the north:

  • beige,
  • peach,
  • light pink,
  • light green,
  • pale lemon,
  • mint,
  • light yellow —

such shades will contribute to the room’s warmth and comfort, as they create a peaceful atmosphere in the living area and bedroom. Be careful when preferring dark and cold colors — they can make sad work the final result. Soft blue or blue color will add a bit of freshness to the room design.

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Professional Tips to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

  • Large curtains should not have a small pattern — such detail will constantly distract your attention. Otherwise, this option is suitable for a Provence, shabby chic, or country-style living room.
  • The canvas should have high protective qualities — this will let you darken the room from the bright sunlight when needed.
  • A nice lambrequin is supposed to complete the composition.

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Large Window Treatment Design Options

When choosing curtains for a large living room, it is advised to give preference to solid colors — they should blend with the overall interior design. The composition can be supplemented with a sheer curtain that will show up a beautiful landscape outside. Nice tiebacks of silk threads and crystal bugles can become a bright emphasis in the room.

Design of long curtains for the room Dubai

Citizens of Dubai and other cities of UAE increasingly go for blackout curtains of dark noble colors:

  • wenge,
  • dark red,
  • burgundy,
  • dark blue,
  • the black,
  • emerald.

Apart from color, it is recommended to pay special attention to the texture of materials. Experienced professionals pick

  • velvet,
  • organic silk,
  • veil,
  • satin,
  • organic linen,
  • jacquard.

Such combination of color and texture will help create an exclusive design for your home.

Roller blinds are suitable for high-tech, minimalist or modern style — there are no extra decorations, and simple clear lines will create a laconic interior. The blinds can have large abstract patterns, which will visually increase the room’s height. Combined with modern furnishings, they make a harmonious atmosphere in a living area.

All in all, for experienced designers, there are no windows that cannot be decorated functionally and elegantly.

Large Window Curtain Ideas Dubai

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