How to choose curtains for your home

We say, window is a portrait, the curtains are the frame, and the sheer is the painting. Thus, one cannot exist without the other. So to approach the curtains selection, especially in hot countries like Dubai with abundance of sunshine.

Your interior design style defines your choice of curtains

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Curtains are a warm “hug” of your home. Therefore, for the image of your home to be complete, you should consider the style, fabric type and color. The color of the curtains can be matched with the major object of the interior, which can be the chandelier, sofa, furniture or the walls (wallpapers).

Unique Curtain Headings

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Double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, pinch with eyelet; these are just a few choices amongst a myriad of curtain heading styles that are available in Made to Measure. Variations of pleated headings are not common with Ready Made curtains as they are more complex to make. A well-made heading can make a big difference to an interior as it can show off the level of thought that has gone into pulling the overall decor together.