Major interior design styles

Are a reflection of the stylistic preferences and needs of comfort of an individual. The interior design is made up of the upholstery, furniture items and décor of premises. Lest look at the major styles of the interior design and their distinctive elements:

Antique style

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Originates from Ancient Greece, enriches in Rome. The major element of the style is a central, square space with adjacent secondary rooms. Natural stones, simple style walls, drapery (fabric), wooden parquet are the basic elements of the Antique style. Dominating colors are bright-yellow, light-brown, green and their hues. The lights are dimmed. Columns, arches, high vases, candle sticks – and you get a fashionable and expressive antique style.

Classic style

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Classic design includes barocco, rococo, Greek, Gothic, Provence, Renaissance, English, Roman and some more. Dating back to cc. 17 century, classic interior design style is topical today (as well in any other spheres, be it fashion, etc.). The main distinctive feature of the style is the lack of cheap elements in décor, furniture and other elements). The antiques, sculptures, premium textiles, accessories, luxury velvet curtains, rarities, china, wooden furniture are all inalienable parts of the classic interior. Calmness, respectability, traditionalism are the implications of such an interior and its owner.


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Includes art-deco, hi-tech (high tech), loft, minimalism, modernism, pop-art, etc. It’s the interior of “now”: fast pace, changing hectic world and busy people. As a result, lack of unnecessary elements of comfort. Maximum amount of straight lines, contrasting “close” colors, minimalism, chrome surfaces, functional and a lot of light.