Curtain Ideas. Choose Right Drapes for Your Home

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In a home environment, curtains provide not just comfort, but also practicality. Drapes protect the premises from sunlight, dust, night city lights, circulation of cold or hot air and other factors. Therefore, you need to be responsible when choosing curtains. How’s that? Keep reading!

The window treatments’ color as a part of the interior mood demonstrates your taste. Changing the curtains’ shade can completely change the room atmosphere. Once you face a problem of choice, let’s have a look at some design solutions and find out professional tips on how to select harmonious curtains for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or nursery.

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Choose window treatments by color,

taking into account the style, palette and interior tasks.

Concept 1. Soft Color Transition

There are two main approaches to choosing curtain colors. The first approach is to choose a drapes’ shade of the same color scheme as the main interior palette. However, the color combination of curtains should not be exactly as wallpaper’s color. The fabric should be either slightly lighter or slightly darker than walls.

For example, if you decide to decorate a room in beige tones, the curtains can be of ivory, cream or coffee tones.

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Concept 2. Bright Contrast

The second approach to choosing the color of curtains is contrasting. This approach creates a stylish, bold and highly expressive combination. It is easiest to deal with pure colors: white and black, grey and red, purple and green. As the final picture may seem aggressive, take into account the purpose of a room and the interior style.

Contrasts look milder in a softened palette: ivory and chocolate are examples of such a combination. Playing on contrasts is possible even with a pastel palette: you can achieve delicate and at the same time expressive interiors.

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Concept 3. Match the Curtains with Furniture

When selecting window treatments, one should take into account not only the wall’s color, but the furniture’s as well. What are the options in this case? First solution: curtains and wallpaper are of similar tone, but contrast with the upholstery material. For example, olive curtains, pistachio walls — and burgundy brown furniture. The second solution: the drape’s color is matched with the furniture tone, contrasting with the room decoration.

More complex compositions are possible, when three color versions are used. For example, red-white-black solutions are popular in a minimalist style.

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Concept 4. Curtains and Interior Textile

One of the most important rules of interior harmony is compliance of window treatments with home textiles: decorative pillows, bedspreads, napkins, tablecloths. Sometimes curtains and decorative textiles are sewn from the same fabric — this is a very interesting design solution.

An exact match is optional — it is enough just to achieve harmony in the palette. However, if textiles have patterns, the curtains should have similar patterns, too.

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Concept 5. Color of Curtains and Interior Style

The interior style’s nature influences the choice of shade for the drapes as well. For example, minimalist style actively operates with the classic triad “black – white – red”. Pinky floral curtains are unlikely to go well with such interior, while burgundy shades are  most likely inappropriate in eco-style — they will look great in a Victorian-style living room though.

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Concept 6. Coordination of Shades and Fabric Texture

The texture of fabric can influence the impression that colors and shades make. The denser the fabric is, the brighter and sometimes even deeper the color looks. Glossy, satin textures also enhance brightness and value. Yet sheer light curtains make even pure colors look weightless.

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Concept 7. General Mood

Consider the psychology of color. Stylish red and black colors, suitable for the decoration of a newlyweds’ bedroom, are unlikely to be appropriate in the nursery. Gentle pastel colors will create a relaxing atmosphere in a workspace, so they are unlikely to be suitable for an office. The cheerful orange color will not let you relax in a bedroom. White curtains can make a living room look festive, but reduce the cozy-feeling.

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There are classic palettes for different rooms: green — for the study, blue — for the bedroom, pastel or yellow-blue — for the nursery, etc. Still, this does not mean that you have to select curtains according to this rule. After all, the most important principle is your taste: unique and individual.

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