Cedar Curtains Dubai

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Floral print is a fairly common home decor, so the curtains with floral patterns are successfully used in many styles and interior solutions. Recently, cedar curtains have gained particular popularity. Such curtains will not fit into any interior, but if your house is decorated in Provence, country, shabby chic, modern or traditional style, you should not hesitate to choose cedar curtains to drape your windows.

This print is considered multifunctional, it will bring naturalness and lightness to your home interior. We would especially recommend nature lovers and connoisseurs of the world around paying attention to such curtains. The cedar print can be harmoniously combined with the entire color spectrum and be in sync with other interior elements and decorating accessories.

Cedar Curtains Dubai

5 Cedar Curtains Decorating Tips

To make your room look stylish, make sure to fit in the drapes with other interior details.

  • Consider the canvas size when choosing the size of ornament: the longer the window draping is, the larger the cedar fragments should be.
  • Avoid excessive use of floral patterns. Match bright curtains with the walls of quiet solid colors.
  • Cedar curtains should present volumeness and simplicity — avoid numerous folds as the drapes will look overloaded.
  • When choosing the curtains with cedar ornaments, think about adding the matching decorative elements with floral patterns.
  • The curtain pattern should harmonize with the shade of the walls.

Color matching tips for cedar curtains

Correctly selected colors will make the room atmosphere as comfortable and cozy as possible.

  • Red is a bright eye-catching color, so red patterns will give the room a kind of festive atmosphere.
  • Orange radiates positive and creates some dynamics in the interior of a room.
  • Purple contributes to a romantic mood and gives a sense of mystery.
  • Blue cedars look decent and at the same time very impressive.
  • White color provides positive emotions and freshness to the interior​​.
  • A delicate lilac cedar pattern will make your room light and airy.
  • Turquoise color will create a joyful mood and bring novelty to the room.
  • Green pattern relaxes, calms and evokes pleasant thoughts.
  • Beige color perfectly complements the overall window drape composition and delicately fits into the major room style.
  • Pink cedars will contribute to creating a delicate and romantic interior.

Blue cedars Dubai

Best fitting cedar print size

The drapes with small and medium cedar or scion ornaments are perfect for the rooms with little free space as a small print can visually expand the area filling it with volume. In some cases, small rooms can benefit from big prints — tiny prints may look too busy and chaotic there.

Canvas suits with large cedars are the best solution for spacious dining areas and living rooms. Here, voluminous cedars will not steal the airy feel, but will advantageously emphasize heigh ceilings or wide window openings.

Room Decoration Ideas

A versalite cedar pattern will look great in any room.

Living room

Long curtains with cedars are suitable for the living room — they will add a feeling of warmth and comfort even to the most severe room interior and make it more homey.


Cedar prints of gentle and calm colors will be more appropriate here, since everything in this room should be about peace and tranquility, and contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere.


Curtains with cedars will undoubtedly add brightness and dynamism to the kitchen interior and turn it into a real forest.

Kids’ room

The atmosphere of natural beauty and comfort created with the help of cedar curtains perfectly influences the formation of the child’s aesthetic sensitivity.

Black cedar Dubai

Final Words

Floral decor can be both fun and annoying. Therefore, it is better not to overuse this ornament with the elements that are always in plain view. Remember that the size of pattern fragments must correspond to the item’s dimensions.

If you like cute design solutions, choose cedar curtains which are so popular nowadays. They will make you feel warm and comfortable, and bring a piece of nature to your house. Indulge yourself and your loved ones with cedar window dressing!

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