Best Curtain Textures: Ideas and Popular Solutions

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Curtains play an important role in home design, allowing you to create a unique interior. The finished look of window fabric and room as a whole directly depends on the material used. When choosing, it is worth considering the composition of cloth, its resistance to washing and direct sunlight, the ability to absorb odors. The range of materials offered on the market is striking in its variety, so it is often difficult to make a choice. Let’s take a closer look at which fabrics and textures are most preferable for the curtains.

Tips on How to Make the Right Choice

  • The first rule of choice is full compatibility of fabrics that you plan to use for sewing window treatment.
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to such aspect as combination of textures. For example, if you plan to use drapes in the interior, which fabric has a certain glow, it is necessary to select sheer curtains with the greatest dullness, since otherwise the textures will not complement each other. On the contrary, if the curtain fabric is matte, it will be reasonable to select tulle texture with a sheen effect.
  • When deciding what future window dressing should be, focus on the purpose of a room, the inhabitants’ temper and preferences, and the overall style of premises. The fabric for curtains must be chosen with emphasis, as it sets the style and suggests a design concept.
  • When choosing a curtain fabric, consider its density. Dense, light-blocking curtains can protect your apartment from prying eyes and the sun. This detail is especially important in Dubai for the rooms with south-facing windows.Sheer curtains Dubai

Curtain Material: General Advice

It doesn’t matter what fabric the drapes are made of, the main thing is that it meets all the requirements:

  • Practicality. The material should not be too demanding to maintain.
  • Wear resistance. The cloth should be durable and strong, not fade in the sun and not lose its color.
  • Elasticity. In order to form folds and draperies, go for an elastic fabric.
  • Harmony. A nice window treatment should always be a part of the overall room style.Types of fabric

Best Curtain Fabrics and Textures: Features and Benefits

  • Blackout. It is a multi-layer canvas with excellent thermal insulation and opacity. The base material is polyester, resistant to stains. The front side of the product can have a different texture (for example, satin, perfectly smooth). Such curtains look good in various interiors.

Pros: excellent thermal insulation; resistance to sun exposure; ability to drape; durability; resistance to pollution; does not wrinkle.

Cons: pricy.
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  • Velvet. It is a fluffy soft fabric that looks great in a living room and bedroom. Helps to achieve a cozy atmosphere. Due to the density, velvet curtains block the light flux, retain warmth and coolness in premises.

Pros: have a high density; excellent thermal insulation; resistance to sun exposure.

Cons: heavy material; attracts dust; high-maintenance (cannot be washed often).Curtains with hooks Dubai

  • Jacquard. It is a dense and smooth fabric with a pleasant texture (no hairiness) that is wrinkle resistant. Curtains look luxurious and are perfect for decorating a spacious living room. The material is resistant to UV exposure, so it can be used in rooms on the sunny side. In the design of small rooms, jacquard looks out of place.

Pros: durability; practicality; universality of application; luxurious appearance; easily draped material; hypoallergenic.

Cons: it is easy to leave tensions on the fabric.

Made-to-measure curtains Dubai

  • Linen. This is a natural, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material. By picking linen curtains, you don’t have to worry about your health and the health of loved ones. They look appropriate in any area — kitchen, bedroom, nursery, living room. they crumple strongly and are difficult to iron.

Pros: resistance to dirt and wear; easy to wash; hypoallergenic; does not fade in the sun; breathable; high strength.

Cons: creases heavily; difficult to iron; shrinks after washing.

Linen Curtains

  • Atlas. It is an even and smooth fabric with a moderate density. It is distinguished by high strength and washing resistance: the original shine can last for many years. Satin curtains are available in different textures and colors, suitable for the living room, nursery and bedroom.

Pros: durability; wear resistance; high strength; hypoallergenic; does not accumulate static electricity.

Cons: care complexity; the cloth shrinks if washed and dried improperly; stretches over time (if contains synthetic additives); heavy fabric.

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